Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank you to Library Supporters!

Today I had the wonderful experience of talking to teachers and principals in a nearby county.  The overwhelming support they expressed for school libraries and school librarians was a much welcome change from the lay-offs and budget cuts of their neighboring county.  My hope is to help spread that enthusiasm and philosophy on library service so that all districts in this nation will understand that the school library should be the hub of learning and information in every school. 

As a former student of AASL President Dr. Nancy Everhart of Florida State University's College of Communication and Information, I have learned that no one can better educate this nation about the importance of librarians than librarians.  School Librarians are a vital resource for both students and teachers to access the information they need and learn the information literacy skills required to be an educated citizen in a democratic society. 

We also must express the importance of our public libraries.  Public librarians are not only stewards of information but they act as a necessary link for citizens to their community.  Activist and artist, Wendy McNaughton has captured the essence of public librarianship and the value of public libraries in her piece entitled, Meanwhile at the San Francisco Public Library

If you love your public library- tell your lawmakers.  If you understand the importance of your school library, express that appreciation to your Superintendent.  Libraries will always be needed- no matter what format information has been transformed into.  There will always be the need for someone to organize, distribute, and promote information in our community.  Please let your voice be heard in support of your library! 

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