Sunday, June 12, 2011

Every Child Ready to Read (R)

Later this month ALA will be releasing the 2nd Edition Toolkit of Every Child Ready to Read (R).  To prepare for this, they have created a new website .  This program focuses on the first five years of life and asserts that parents are the essential key to a child's reading readiness.  Public Libraries (and Early Childhood Learning Centers) can use the program to educate parents in the best practices for improving their child's preliteracy skills.  Through story times and other library activities, Librarians can model for parents the behaviors they need to adopt with their children to prepare them to be readers.  ECRR (R) Edition 2 states that the five practices parents should share with their young children are Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing, and Playing.  Libraries have been incorporating the following preliteracy skills into their programming since the launch of ECRR (R) in 2004 (and probably well beforehand)

6 Pre-Literacy Skills:

Oral Language Development  (Narrative): promoting conversation, learning new words and using them in  every day situations.

Emergent Comprehension: using questions and activities to demonstrate an understanding of the book’s intent.   

Phonological Awareness: the awareness of sounds around us, and playing with words and sounds.

Letter/Sound Knowledge: learning the difference between shapes, letters, numbers, and punctuation.  Understanding the letters make sounds which then make words.

Emergent Writing: demonstrating writing for the child, and promote activities to build hand strength, control, and dexterity.

Print Concepts (Print Motivation and Print Awareness): the understanding that the spoken word can be written down, and has value.  The basic understanding of how to handle a book properly and the make up of a 
book (author, illustrator, title, front/back cover, pages, spine, where to begin and end reading on a page).

To see examples of how these skills can be presented in story time, visit my new story time links (still under construction).

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