Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Quest for a School Library Position...

Currently, I work in a Public Library Children's Department.  While I love my job, I was educated to be a School Librarian.  Beyond that- there are going to be significant lay-offs and demotions in my library system come October.  I am up for promotion from Library Associate to Librarian because I have an MLIS, however there will be no promotions in the near future due to budget.  My Masters Degree from FSU is Specialized in School Library Media and I am certified to teach Library from K through 12.  I know my stuff.  Moreover I live, breathe, and dream my work.  I am a Children's Librarian with all that is in me.  I really want to work in an elementary school.  Of course there is always that catch 22 that I cannot get experience in a school library if someone isn't willing to give me the opportunity!   There are hardly any job opportunities out there, so I have to hope that my MLIS and my passion for my work are enough to get me in that ever elusive door.

Wish me luck!

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