Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing Book Trailer!

I LOVE book trailers.  I think this is a wonderful medium for spreading the word and increasing the enthusiasm for great books.  Instead of commercials inundating our children as they watch their favorite programs, how wonderful would it be if age appropriate book trailers appeared on screen.

While perusing one of my favorite book review blogs Waking Brain Cells, I discovered this trailer for a graphic novel out this month called Sidekicks by Dan Santat:

I was so impressed by the professional quality and suspenseful tone of this trailer.  This will motivate kids to want to read this book.  I will definitely be purchasing Sidekicks for my children!

So, how can we make book trailers with our students?  Do we need to be tech geniuses?  Nope.  This relatively simple process can be an excellent way to express creativity and get students excited about books.  Here are some resources you can use:

Book Trailers for Readers: How to Make a Book Trailer

Squidoo: Book Trailers

Book Trailers as Educational Tools

Using Windows Movie Maker

Tech & Learning: Making Book Trailers with Photo Story 3

Microsoft Photo Story 3

Book Trailers: 11 steps to make your own

43 Book Trailers Sites

Good luck and have fun inspiring young readers to share their excitement!

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