Monday, July 11, 2011

Google+: Like Facebook but Smarter

Finally a Social Networking platform where I can choose who sees which posts!

Google+ is in a test phase- to which I have been added.  From my Gmail account, I can click right on my Google+ link and be instantly directed to my page.

I am able to place my contacts into different "circles" and can choose which "circles" can see which posts.  This is wonderful!  After just having had another unsuccessful round of job interviews, how liberating it feels to be able to say how I feel with only my ACTUAL friends eyes looking on!  :)

I can have a separate "circle" for professional contacts, my children's school contacts, specific organization contacts.  No longer will you have to create a separate profile for your professional life!

This could be a revolution in the social networking world if Facebook doesn't hop on board and figure out a way to filter posts as well.

The ONE downside I see to this platform is how parents will be able to monitor their children's posts.  You may be excluded from the really juicy ones!  So- parents, the only option, which I firmly believe in, is to have access to your child's username and password!

I think Google+ is going to be HUGE.  Facebook better step up.

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