Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Favorite Internet Tool

Do you want your students/patrons to do an online search for an academic subject, but do not want all the unrelated clutter that can come from a search engine?  Want an online encyclopedia that isn't a wiki (which can be edited by anyone with internet access) but has a Wikipedia tab for those who love it?  Would you like this service to be free?

Ok- so, go to Mashpedia!

Unlike Wikipedia, Mashpedia isn't able to be edited by the public.  Mashpedia is a mashup encyclopedia that borrows real-time content from all over the web to answer queries.  It is NOT a search engine (which can search for any trivial, or very broad query).  Mashpedia is for academic and specific topic searches only.  The information is free and, therefore, is not peer reviewed for accuracy.  This means that, as with any online search tool, students/patrons will have to gather multiple sources and analyze their data for credibility.  However, this type of search tool will eliminate all the spam-like clutter and irrelevant information that can come through a typical search engine.  I REALLY like it (more than that copy-cat poser, Zomobo).  I will be using it a LOT at my library!

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