Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Say Daddy! by Michael Shoulders

Not every book I review is a new publication.  There is something to be said for discovering treasures in your collection and sharing them with your colleagues.  One of my fellow librarians is the mother of a toddler who refuses to say "daddy."  He calls his father by his first name while slyly smiling about it.  He will say "Mama" all day long- but shakes his head and says "no!" when asked to say daddy.  It is very funny!  When we found this book on the shelf this morning we thought that we'd find a similar scenario in its pages, but this story isn't quite the same situation.  The toddler in this story won't say anyone's name- but LOVES to be read to...

Say Daddy! (Picture Books)Say Daddy! by Michael Shoulders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everyone wants the baby to say their name first as they spend time reading stories, and teaching the new baby about the world- but the baby just coos and gurgles. This is a wonderful story about family, and the importance of reading to children. Told from the perspective of a toddler, this story will touch your heart and make you giggle. Say Daddy makes a nice one-on-one storybook to read with your youngest child and also works as a story time book for themes like family or babies.

Interest Level: Preschool-2nd
Reading Level: 2nd and up
Published 2008

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