Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scumble by Ingrid Law

ScumbleScumble by Ingrid Law
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Companion novels, in my humble opinion, can be harder to get into than sequels because it takes some time to let go of your attachment to the original characters.  I had my feet dug in the ground when I first started Scumble- deeply pouting over the absence of Mibs, Will, Bobby, and Fish.  Jumping ahead 9 years and only getting a glimpse of beloved characters takes some adjustment.  However- when I got over myself and allowed Scumble to make its way into my heart- I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Scumble is a much more lighthearted story than Savvy and yet is just as endearing.  Ledger Kale, cousin to the Beaumont kids, just had his 13th birthday and is very disappointed by his unimpressive savvy.  Soon enough, however, he discovers his savvy is anything BUT unimpressive...it is actually destructive!

After he practically ruins a family wedding and almost destroys his Uncle's barn, Ledger's parents decide that a summer on Uncle Autry's ranch will help Ledger learn to scumble his savvy. However, it is HARD to learn to scumble when a nosy girl from town, named Sarah Jane, keeps trying to write newspaper articles about your family or when your cousins want to electrocute or levitate you.

Will Ledger wind up like Rocket, 20-something and still hiding from the world on Uncle Autry's ranch?

Ingrid Law's Scumble will leave you guessing and hoping while capturing your heart with her folksy prose.

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