Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank You Jo...for everything.

J.K. Rowling is one woman- and she has touched the entire world.  Her stories have brought reading back to a generation whose lives have become digitized and prepackaged.  She created a world that (almost) the entire planet fell in love with.

Today I saw the final Harry Potter movie and I wept as if I were saying goodbye to family.  I should say, I wept all over again, because I also wept when I read the final novel.  I can honestly say that I love those characters as if they wore actual flesh and bone.

I am not sure if Jo will ever touch pen to paper again in her life.  She certainly doesn't need to for money, or fame, or anything other than the desire to share her thoughts.

She is one woman and she has brought joy to so many.  I just want to publicly say thank you, Ms. Rowling.  Thank you for giving us Harry and Hogwarts and every intricate detail of Harry's world.

I don't believe any author, in the history of mankind, has reached more hearts than you have.

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