Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to my Public Library Position

This week is my final week in my Public Library Position as I take up the Technology Media and Research Teacher Position on Friday.  This is a bittersweet transition for me as I have loved every moment of my time working in the amazing children's department at my library.  My story time theme this week was Goodbye, as this was a good way to explain to my little patrons that I would no longer be a part of their weekly routine.  The parents and children gave me such a beautiful send-off with baked goods, cards, gifts, and lots and lots of hugs!  I have been so lucky to work with these amazing families for the past four years...saying goodbye wasn't easy.

See You Later, Alligator!See You Later, Alligator! by Laura McGee Kvasnosky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trying to find a book that teaches children about goodbyes (but isn't about death!) isn't easy! I was very pleased when I stumbled upon this one by Laura McGee Kvasnosky. As reptilian and amphibian parents drop their little ones off at River Bottom School their goodbyes are lighthearted and fun. Then, at the end of the school day when the little ones head home, they say goodbye to school with the same joviality. This book had my preschool students giggling and completely engaged.

We followed the reading of this book with a cute little goodbye rhyme written by Holly Karapetkova called "Goodbye Friends."  The images for this rhyme can be found online in a PDF Copyright © Dr. Jean Feldman.  As I placed each image on our magnetic board, we did an action that represented the creature's traits.  My favorite was "Better Swish, Jelly Fish."

Annie BananieAnnie Bananie by Leah Komaiko
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an excellent book to use for teaching children that goodbyes aren't easy, but can be endured. It is a fun, rhythmic, silly, and very perfectly juvenile story of two girls dealing with being apart now that one has moved away.

After reading Annie Bananie, I told the children I needed to say goodbye to all my puppet friends.  So, one by one, I took a puppet out of the big box and said goodbye.  The puppet responded to me in whatever animal sound was appropriate- with the children helping it along!

Our last activity was to recite a rhyme called "I Have a Nose"  while pointing to all the parts of the body indicated in the poem:

On my face, I have a nose.
And way down here, I have ten toes.
I have two eyes that I can blink.
I have a head to help me think.
I have a chin and very near.
I have two ears so I can hear.
Here are my arms to hold up high.
And here is my hand to wave goodbye.

To end the program, we sang the same closing song I have been singing with them for the past four years, a slightly revised version of the "See Ya Song" by Carole Demas and Paula Janis:

See ya, see ya
Hope you had a good, good time
Da dum
I hope you had a good, good morning
I know that I will see you again
Da dum
I know that I will see you again...

I will miss all of my little patrons as I move on to my new position.  The public library system has been very good to me and I am so grateful for the experiences I have gained there.

I am looking forward to meeting my new students and beginning my new adventure!

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