Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trying to Change an Entire Culture one School at a Time

My first week as the Technology Media Specialist at my school has been...unpredictable.  As I have said, the school doesn't have a library.  Even though it is brand new, it wasn't part of the design for the school to have a Library Media Center.  Each classroom teacher gets a set of books- but there is no library/information literacy education or library culture planned for the school.  THAT is what I intend to change.

I understand that there is a serious disconnect in this country between educators and libraries.  I know that most people don't understand how important the School Library is and how much the School Librarian can positively affect learning gains in a school.  I have reached out to my coworkers and most of them have responded with much enthusiasm.  There have been a few who think that books are going to disappear completely and children will just plug a USB into their skulls to do research- but I will turn them around.

Teacher Librarians have to reclaim their place of value in education and they can only do that by being visible and vocal in their schools.  I will have to give 110% all the time so that my coworkers will come to understand just how much I can do for our students.  I am up for the challenge.

The first thing I did was to cover up the words "computer lab" outside my door and replace them with something more befitting what will actually take place inside:

Then I spent time trying to convince my principal that I need a budget and space for books (and she seems to completely agree).   I have donated some books from home and done a bit of shopping for my collection (with my own money, of course) but this humble little beginning is a far cry from a collection:

I am interested to see how the next few years play out and if I truly get to serve as a teacher librarian.  Every great school needs a great library.  I hope I can make that happen.

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