Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Trailers

My new position as the School Library Media Specialist at a wonderful new school in my area has been life-consuming but fabulous.  I am building a library from the ground up, defining my role in the school community, and proving to be a vital asset to the school.  I LOVE it. 

What I don't love is neglecting my blog!! 

So, I am going to share some of what I have been working on with my students. 

In my Middle School Computer Applications class, we have been working on making book trailers.  FYI, if you have switched to Windows 7 in your school- Photo Story 3 will NOT work with your operating system.  We had wanted to use Photo Story 3 but had to change our plans.  Instead, we used a handy little program called AnimotoAnimoto is incredibly user-friendly but doesn't allow for as many effects as Photo Story does.  Here is the book trailer example I made for my class so they could become familiar with the program:

The students are finishing up their trailers this week.  Next week, we are going to create another book trailer, this time using Windows Movie Maker.  I hope to have the students write up a short paper comparing the two programs and defending their preferred program. 

In my Advanced Research Practices class, we have been learning all the key elements to Research Paper writing.  Using the blessedly wonderful OWL at Purdue I have introduced the differences between APA and MLA styles.  Today we are going to really break down the research paper process by working through each important step. 

 in the media center is good!  I am missing my work with the K-5th graders...right now I am teaching them computers, but soon I will be functioning as their librarian.  (As soon as I get this library up and running.)  All of what I am doing is making me a better Teacher-Librarian.  I am so grateful!

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