Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh my Darling Blog, How I Have Neglected Thee!

Now that I live in the world of School Librarianship, there is little time for personal blogging.  I have a school blog which I update weekly but my poor Medicine for the Soul has been neglected.  

However, I have bronchitis and, therefore, a forced moment to relax, I want to check in and talk about some of the wonderful resources I have discovered since I began teaching:

Storyline Online:  

Want to present a story to students using your interactive whiteboard?  Hosted by the Screen Actors' Guild, Storyline Online features various celebrities reading a plethora of picture books- online for you.  These are famous titles like Harry the Dirty Dog and Rainbow Fish, being read by famous people like Betty White and Ernest Borgnine!  With my K-2 students, I seat them in front of my Promethean Board just like it is storytime.  My 3rd-5th graders have to access the site themselves, and then take notes on the story.  Who is the main character?  What is the main idea?  What was the conflict and resolution?  This is an excellent resource for getting students engaged in reading.  

World of Tales:  
Hosted by a young Bulgarian man named "Viktor" who simply loved the old tales and wanted to make a website about them, World of Tales is an excellent resource for Folk Tales, Fables, and Fairy Tales.  Viktor took most of his content from Project Gutenberg and some are his own translations.  On his site you can read, listen to, and in a few cases even watch stories online.  There are hours worth of discoveries to be made.  I used this site with my 3rd - 5th graders as the independent practice portion of a Folk Tales lesson.  My only caveat is that Viktor doesn't list his credentials on the site- so be sure to check other sources before using World of Tales for research purposes.  

Read, Write, Think

I know pretty much every educator is aware of this website.  I just want to reiterate what a life saver it is!  As the Library Media Specialist for a K-9 (soon to be K-12) school- you can imagine I have a LOT of lesson plans to write each week.  I teach K-5 Information Literacy, Middle School Computer Applications, and High School Research.  Sometimes, I just want to have it all done for me!  This website has helped me enormously with standards based content complete with rubric and handouts.  I highly recommend it!!!

Well....that's it for now.  I have a new copy of School Library Journal to read and some Goodreads reviews to update while I get over this yucky sickness.  I hope to check in again soon to report any new educational library discoveries I make.  In the meantime, keep reading to your children!