Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some more really good resources!

Here are some more excellent resources to use with kids in grades K-12!

Kindergarten:  PBS Kids Super Why! Super Readers Challenge
This is a great game to help little ones become comfortable using a mouse and keyboard while working on their phonics and beginning reader skills.  Once they complete their certificate, you can reward them with playing the other games on the site.

1st-2nd: TVO Kids Spelling Bee.  Want to help prepare those pre-FCAT little ones to hone their spelling skills?  This game makes it exciting to spell correctly.  I did this in a 30 minute library media class.  Once the kids correctly spelled 20/25 words, they were permitted to go on the other games on the site.

3rd-5th: National Geographic Kids.  I cannot rave about this site enough!  We did a Reading Informational Text lesson on countries around the world and the kids were completely engrossed. 

6th-12th: Sliderocket!  Students will need their own email address to sign up for a Sliderocket account.  This is a program designed to make presentations that are worthy of the 21st century! 

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