Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympics Internet Scavenger Hunt!

Winter Olympics Online Scavenger Hunt
Use the following links to answer the questions:
Write your answers on the sheets provided by Mrs. Sanborn.

1. When and where were the first winter Olympic games?
2. How many countries participated in the first Winter Olympics?
3. How many athletes participated in the first winter Olympic Games?
4. How many events were there?
5. What was the first event?

Based on your research, if you were alive during these times, what event would like to have competed in, and why?

6. What are the dates for the 2014 Winter Olympics?
7. Where is the 2014 Winter Olympics taking place?
8. What number Winter Olympic Games is this? 

If you could choose ANYWHERE in the world, where it is cold enough to snow, where would you like the next Winter Olympics to take place and why?

9. Who are the 2014 Olympic Games mascots?
10. Who are the 2014 Paralympic Games mascots?
11. Leopard rescued nearby villages from what?
12. What is the Polar Bears favorite sport?
13. Where does the Hare study?

If you were in charge of choosing a mascot for the Winter Olympics, what would it be and why?

14. How many athletes have won medals at both the summer and winter
15. What is the number of the most medals won at the winter Olympics?
16. The Sochi Olympic Torch will be the first to ever travel where?
17. What event was added to figure skating for 2014?

Do you have a favorite Winter Olympic event?  What makes it your favorite?  If not, what event would you like to learn more about?

18. Approximately how many countries will take place in the 2014 Olympic Games? 
19. How many medals will be given out at the 2014 Olympics? 
20. About how many athletes will participate? 
21. What is the estimate for the amount of people who will watch the Olympics on television? 
22. The Olympic Games will be divided into two clusters. What are they? 

Do you watch the Olympics on television with your family?  Do you have any family traditions when the olympics are on?  If not, do you think you might watch it this year now that you know a little about it?

23. Name one of the sports venues that is located in the Coastal Cluster. 
24. In which venue does Ice Hockey take place? 
25. In which venue do the opening and closing ceremonies take place? 
26. The Mountain Cluster includes how many venues? 
27. Where will snowboarding take place? 

How do you think people become Olympic Athletes?  What character traits do you think people need to make it to the olympics?  

28. What are the dates for the Sochi Paralympics? 
29. How many athletes are there? 
30. How many medals will be awarded?

Paralympians are athletes that have a physical disability.  However, they are people who refuse to let that disability keep them from the sports they love.  Write a list of adjectives that come to mind when you think of the character traits of a Paralympian.

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