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Please help us enrich our Teen Collection!

Let's Give 'em What They Want!  

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30 days left!
To provide the titles that 1650 kids from age 5 to age 18 want to read is a HUGE undertaking- and an expensive one! We are a charter school so we do not receive as much funding as regular public schools. Kids do not read unless they have access to books they like.
This list focuses mostly on Teen selections. This is the most difficult student population to please and keep engaged in reading. Many of these books were selected by my high school students. It is so imperative that I keep these students in love with reading.
These books will serve students today and years to come. Our library is the hub of activity at our school. Students line up to grab the newest books first. They are so excited whenever we acquire new titles. This year, I have had so many more high school students coming in because they hear that I am acquiring the books they actually want to read. This is powerful!
If you donate to this project, you are investing in the literacy and imaginations of thousands of children for years to come. You are building a library in a time when people try to discredit the worth of libraries. I can attest that libraries are alive and thriving. Projects like this help them to survive. Thank you! « hide

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss (IllustAKJ Books$16.203$48.60
FrozenAKJ Books$9.485$47.40
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss (IllustAKJ Books$10.953$32.85
Light: A Gone NovelAKJ Books$13.862$27.72
Gone (Gone Series #1) Michael GrantAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
LiesAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
Never-MoreAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
Hunger (Gone Series #2) Michael GrantAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
Hunger (Gone Series #2) Michael GrantAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
FearAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
PlagueAKJ Books$13.132$26.26
How to Draw SpongeBob SquarepantsAKJ Books$25.651$25.65
FrozenAKJ Books$11.672$23.34
TennisAKJ Books$19.801$19.80
Frozen Junior NovelizationAKJ Books$3.645$18.20
TennisAKJ Books$17.851$17.85
City of BonesAKJ Books$16.051$16.05
You Can Draw Marvel CharactersAKJ Books$14.591$14.59
Frozen Little Golden BookAKJ Books$2.915$14.55
Daughter of Smoke and BoneAKJ Books$13.871$13.87
Days of Blood and StarlightAKJ Books$13.861$13.86
Everwild Neal ShustermanAKJ Books$13.861$13.86
Draw Out the StoryAKJ Books$13.831$13.83
The Rise of NineAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
The Fall of FiveAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
I Am Number Four Pittacus LoreAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Pretty Little Liars #13: CrushedAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
ProdigyAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Pretty Little Liars #14: DeadlyAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Everlost Neal ShustermanAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
EverfoundAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
The Power of SixAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Lips Touch: Three Times Laini Taylor, Jim Di Bartolo (IllustAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Ali''s Pretty Little LiesAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Pretty Little SecretsAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
RuthlessAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
Gone (Gone Series #1) Michael GrantAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
StunningAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
BurnedAKJ Books$13.131$13.13
WickedAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
The Hundred Dresses Eleanor Estes, Louis Slobodkin (IllustraAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
HeartlessAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
KillerAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
Divide and ConquerAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
Wanted (Pretty Little Liars Series #8) Sara ShepardAKJ Books$12.401$12.40
A Mutiny in TimeAKJ Books$9.481$9.48
Divide and ConquerAKJ Books$9.481$9.48
The Trap DoorAKJ Books$9.481$9.48
Curse of the AncientsAKJ Books$9.481$9.48
Robots!: Draw Your Own Androids, Cyborgs & Fighting Bots JayAKJ Books$9.451$9.45
Power Rangers Megaforce 4AKJ Books$8.751$8.75
TennisAKJ Books$8.721$8.72
Power Rangers Super Samurai 2AKJ Books$8.021$8.02
StormbringersAKJ Books$7.291$7.29
The Cahill FilesAKJ Books$7.291$7.29
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! 2AKJ Books$7.291$7.29
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! 8AKJ Books$5.831$5.83
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! 3AKJ Books$5.831$5.83
Raven''s Gate (The Gatekeepers Series #1) Anthony HorowitzAKJ Books$5.831$5.83
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Volume 7 Shigekatsu IAKJ Books$5.831$5.83
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! 1AKJ Books$5.831$5.83
Vendor shipping charges$0.00
State sales tax$0.00
3rd party payment processing fee$14.31
Fulfillment labor & materials$30.00
Project cost excluding donation to support$998.51
Optional donation to support$176.21
Project cost including donation to support$1,174.72
School type:
Free/reduced lunch:
Teacher's funded projects:
Grades 9-12
Students reached:
May 05, 2014
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