Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gathering Blue (The Giver #2)Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

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Every time I finish a Lois Lowry novel, I become more enamored with her writing. They call this a companion novel to The Giver but there are no common characters. However, like The Giver, this novel is about a tightly controlled community that exists after our society was destroyed. This community is everything Jonas' wasn't. It is dirty, primitive, coarse, and survivalist. However, Kira, a girl who should have been killed at birth, according to law, because of a deformed leg, proves to be so much more civilized than her neighbors. The novel is beautiful and focuses on the beauty of differences (such as a choice of colors), much like the Giver. It is a must-read for any middle school child.

P.S. If you keep reading the series, book three, "Messenger," will tie "The Giver" and "Gathering Blue" together- so do not despair!

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