Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thrall, a Review

Thrall (Daughters of Lilith, #1)Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Let me begin by saying that I intend to completely read this series despite the fact that this first installment is weak. The storyline is interesting, if underdeveloped. I feared a Cassandra Clare wannabe when I read the jacket flap but the story is markedly different. The nature of this tale makes it inappropriate for any grades younger than high school- so be forewarned.

In a nutshell, there is an organization called the Guard that is made up of normal people who have rune-inscribed weaponry designed to defeat demons. The back story of the Guard is quite raw and lacking in substance- however there is potential. Demons are the descendants of Lilith, and are almost exclusively female. These demons can control men through desire and are able to survive only by consuming the desire that men feel for them. The men do not survive these encounters for very long.

The protagonists are two teenagers who are caught up in this demon world because of forces outside their control. Desire plays a strong theme in their relationship, making this book decidedly TEEN and not for Middle Schoolers.

I am currently reading Quintenz's second book, Incubus, which, so far, is better than Thrall.

I do believe indiscriminate teens will enjoy this series as an easy read. However, for those who expect more from their books, I would stick to Cassandra Clare as the expert in the Demon subgenre.

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