Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Web of Air

A Web of Air (Fever Crumb, #2)A Web of Air by Philip Reeve

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fever Crumb ends her first adventure knowing the secret of her parentage but, with London in upheaval, she decides to leave in order to contemplate all she's learned.

Two years later, in A Web of Air,we find Fever, Ruin and Fern living aboard Persimmon's Electric Lyceum, a barge theatre newly wired electrically by Fever's own hand.

Fever tries to console her Engineer Soul by telling herself that she is furthering science by bringing technology to the barge, but she isn't content.

The crater, called Mayda, where they have recently stopped to perform, seems a boring and backwards place to Fever. That is, until the day a small, scientifically designed, paper aircraft comes sailing her way. The plane lands at her feet as an Angel, one of the semi-intelligent birds that live in Mayda, says to her "Thursday, Try to fly."

What or who is Thursday? Did Thursday design this craft? If so, is another Rational person in this place trying to seek Fever out? The problem is, whenever she mentions the name Thursday to anyone in Mayda, she is told a tale of madness, hubris, and a Sea Goddesses' revenge. It is all quite Irrational.

This is a story of mystery, murder, and questionable morality. Fever learns that trust can become a liability, there may be more to people than first perceived, and that evil can wear many faces. Most poignantly, she learns that Good is a relative term.

I have a vision for how I'd like to see this series play out. I hope Fever becomes the Revolutionary I see developing within her. I hope she learns not to take NO for an answer. I especially hope she negates the legacy of her parentage to become something better.

Ages 11+