About This Blog: J.F. Sanborn's Book Reviews is a go-to resource for parents, teachers, and students who are looking for book reviews from an accredited Teacher Librarian.  

Most of the reviews found here will be for Middle School to High School students, with the occasional review for adults.  An age suggestion will always be provided. 

About J.F Sanborn:  I am a Teacher Librarian and a Certified School Library Media Specialist Pre-K-12.  I hold a Masters of Library and Information Science with a School Library Specialization from Florida State University and a Bachelors of Literature from the University of North Florida.

Originally from Long Island, New York, I have lived in Florida for most of my adult life.  I am married and have two children.  

For four years I worked in the Children's Department of a very large, urban Public Library.  For 3 school years, I worked for a local charter school (K-12) as their Teacher Librarian.  Currently, I am the Middle School Teacher Librarian for a renowned private school.  My heart is in teaching Information Literacy and inspiring a love of reading.

Mrs. Sanborn, School Library Media Specialist Pre-K-12

The Sanborn Family: Jaime, Sean, Skye, and Liam- having fun in Washington D.C.

Philosophy of School Library Media Service
 “At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.” ~Barack Obama 

I believe that the School Library Media Center should be a welcoming, student-centered, learning environment in which a dedicated, inspired, and highly-qualified School Librarian serves as the essential link between the school community, technology and information. 

“What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education.”  ~ Harold Howe, former US Commissioner of Education

It is my belief that schools deserve true, Master’s-holding, fully-certified School Librarians, in a full-time capacity, to act as the Information Literacy and Technology experts.  Information Literacy must be taught by a caring, intelligent, and motivated librarian who wishes to nurture the spark of curiosity within students.  School Librarians know that true learning begins with a genuine desire to know something.  

The most valuable gift a School Librarian can give to students is the comprehensive understanding that is Information Literacy.  School Libraries enable students to become successful contributors to this world of information. 
“The more that you read,

 the more things you will know.

 The more that you learn,

the more places you'll go.”
 ~Dr. Seuss

Through librarian-led information literacy instruction, equitable access to resources for the school community, and collaboration with educators in planning curriculum that supports the needs of the school, the School Library Media Center ensures that students and staff make the most effective use of ideas, technology and information.

School Library programs are dedicated to providing accurate and objective library materials that represent many different cultures and ways of life in an equitably accessible manner.  Instructional materials of the highest quality are offered in many formats.  School Librarians promote active and analytical thinking, enabling students to become engaged, productive, and independent learners. Information Literacy curriculum that is created through collaboration with the educational staff ensures a deeper learning experience by placing information in the context of the real world.  School Library Media Services increase student literacy, promote critical thinking, foster an appreciation of reading, support competency with technology, and enable students to become life-long learners.

“Information is the currency of democracy.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

The role of the Elementary School Librarian is to be a collaborative educational partner, a leader and expert in the literary, and informational needs of students, and both the impetus and support of technological progress.  The School Library Media Center is the informational hub of the school providing a diverse, accurate, and objective collection, equal technological access, and an inviting learning environment. 

For faculty and students, the School Library Media Center is the place where research materials, pleasure reading materials, and electronic resources can be equitably accessed.  The School Librarian is the expert on Children’s Literature, research methods, and stays current with knowledge of technology.  The School Librarian manages the library and ensures that it is a place that promotes inquiring, thinking, learning, imagining and evolving. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~ Albert Einstein